Our PGA Staff

Jennie Sugar
email: jennie@admin.com – (579) 945-3110

Jennie is originally from Wyoming and graduated from the University of Wyoming before going on to study Golf Complex Management at The San Diego Golf Academy where he also played professionally.

Having worked in the golf industry for over 20 years, Jennie is drawn to golf instruction.

He has vast teaching experience in Arizona, California, Canada and most recently in the West of Ireland where he spent 13 years working as a Golf Instructor to a wide student base including juniors golf programs, seasoned golfers, school teams, family lessons, groups, and fellow golf professionals.

He is happy to be back in Tucson and looks forward to working in the Tucson golf community and sharing his experience, knowledge and love for the game.

You can contact Jennie anytime for appointments. He is looking forward to working with you and remember as Bob Hope said – “If you watch a game, its fun; if you play at it, its recreation; if you work at it, its golf…”

Jack Yonson
email: yonsonjack@admin.com – (579) 118-5489

A native of Tucson, Jack didn’t pick up the game until the age of 17.  Growing up a baseball player, he made the transition to golf very quickly.

As a well accomplished player, Jack prides himself on instruction of the short game.  Wedges, chipping and putting are his passion.  It really brings out a players creativity and imagination.

Jack focuses on making practice fun while teaching core fundamentals.  He helps his students understand course management and golf stragety to shoot lower scores.

“I believe the short game is the great equilizer, remember they don’t measure your shots…….they count them” Jack says.